Manhattan New Music Project's 20th Anniversary

MNMP_490.jpg Manhattan New Music Project (MNMP) is a non-profit arts education and performance organization that engages young people and adults in innovative programming throughout New York City. To celebrate its 20th anniversary and the debut of a newly commissioned composition by Darcy James Argue, Moleskine released 150 customized Large Music Notebooks, and one-of-a-kind version for archiving the commissioned composition as "Sift", Argue's new piece. Both the blank pages and music staves were used to capture sketches and hand-written notations.

MNMP_235_03.jpg MNMP_235_01.jpg
MNMP_235_04.jpg MNMP_235_02.jpg

Founded in 1990 by composer Paul Nash, MNMP expands traditional musical boundaries using the arts as a catalyst to develop exceptional projects in schools and performance spaces, ranging from breakthrough arts programs for students with autism to the creation and performance of cutting-edge works in contemporary American music. MNMP produces approximately six concerts per year as part of three New York City-based concert series. Concerts are performed in a variety of venues to reach and build new audiences, including public parks, art galleries, and accessibly priced recital halls.

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