A Journey to Dakar

carrapide490.jpgWe are getting closer to the last stop of myDetour5X5, a journey started in 2009 in Italy: 5 cities, Milan, Florence, Parma, Rome, Naples, 5 notebooks selected by the Jury in each city among those donated by the local creative community, to be showcased in the next stop. 5x5= 25. All 25 selected notebooks now travel to the final destination, Dakar.

You can have a preview of all notebooks on our online permanent gallery.

It will be a mobile exhibition, crusing through the streets of Dakar on a car rapide, a urban mini-bus very common in the Senegalese capital city. The 25 decorated notebooks will be placed on the car rapide together with an interactive system that allows the public to digitally flick through them, using the open source Arduino technology. This is a side event of the 9th Dak'Art, the Biennale of African Contemporary Art, a unique spot in the contemporary art world, viewed with increasing interest by curators and art collectors worldwide.

The exterior of the car rapide is decorated by Senegalese artist Henri Sagna. The car rapide installation is designed by Zetalab.

The whole myDetour5x5 project is narrated in a new Moleskine collectable set, soon to be sold online through moleskine.it and in laFeltrinelli bookshops in Italy. 1 euro for each copy sold will be donated to the Kër-Thiossane association in Dakar, promoting art, digital culture and access to information in Africa.



Kër-Thiossane partners with lettera27, a non-profit foundation born in July 2006 supporting education and access to knowledge in Africa. All myDetour notebboks are donated to lettera27 by its authors.

MyDetour 5x5 Dakar. May 7-11, 2009.

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