A Media Lab in Dakar

ker490.jpgMoleskine supports many non profit cultural projects throughout the world. One of them is the new Media Lab in Dakar, run by the Kër-Thiossane association. The Media Lab is a meeting point and a support centre for international artists, encouraging circulation of ideas, digital experimentation and creative industries spin-offs.



Together with Italian non-profit Foundation lettera27,  Kër-Thiossane has developed the "pedagogical suitcase" project, a kit of flexible, portable and open source IT tools that can be used for educational purposes as well as to produce artwork and art performances. A number of sensors connected to computers through open source software react to environmental stimuli creating sounds and images. In the Media Lab, users learn how to build these tools, and find low cost materials to assemble.

Moleskine supports the Media Lab through the myDetour5x5 project. Part of the revenues from the new Collezione myDetour5x5 will in fact go to Kër-Thiossane. The Collezione is a new Moleskine collectable item narrating the myDetour 5x5 journey. Available only in Italy on the new  Moleskine store and in laFeltrinelli bookshops.

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