A Moleskine day

There are people who see the planner as an intimate diary, and people who consider it as a organizing tool. The are those who love keeping it always with them and others who prefer using it at work. In this video, Brooklyn based artist Jessica Findely gives her personal view of a ordinary day as seen through a Moleskine Planner, turning the pages into different animated sets.

Planners2011_235_01.jpg Planners VIdeo 2_235_01.jpg Planners Video2_235_02.jpg PlannersVIdeo2_235_03.jpg

Designed to fit the portability and planning needs of people from all sorts of professions, and of the most diverse cultural inclinations, Moleskine Planners/Daires Collection now consists on 32 pieces overall , including two new formats, the Extra Small -a super portable organizing tool to carry with you everywhere all the time- and the A4 made for desk use in an office environment.

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