The AbracadabrApp now available

Last year Barcelona-based creative agency Honest & Smile took a Moleskine Reporter notebook and hacked it into the world's first analog app. Named the AbracadabrApp, it is a notebook that records two-sided videos and photos in one single shot. Their crowd-funding campaign was a sell-out success, and now those who were unable to get their hands on one the first time are finally given a second chance with their arrival on the Moleskine Store.
AbracadabrApp  AbracadabrApp
The notebook has been altered to accommodate a revolving mirror as well as a mount on the side compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. Three Handyfilters are also included, lending your shots a coloured tint without the aid of a photo app. 
AbracadabrApp  AbracadabrApp
Available on the Moleskine Store
For our friends in Spain, get yours from

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