Afrofuture at Milano Design Week 2013

WikiAfrica AtWork Dakar AtWork Dakar
AtWork Dakar AtWork Dakar
Maurizia Dova, s.t., 2010, Courtesy lettera27 (top right)
Ola Dele-Kuku, s.t. 2011, Courtesy lettera27 (bottom left)
Henri Sagna, s.t. 2010, Courtesy lettera27 (bottom middle)
All works belong to the collection of  AtWork
Forget what you think you know about Africa: its makers, thinkers and dreamers are journeying to new frontiers. The world's second largest continent and its modern-day innovations are presented at laRinascente during Milano Design Week 2013 as the entire store becomes a world where fantasy and reality meet, colour explodes and technology collides with creativity. This is Afrofuture.
An Africa that's digitized, connected, made accessible. Moleskine projects such as Detour and myDetour contribute to initiatives such as WikiAfrica, which aims to improve Africa's online visibility; Chimurenga Library and the digitization of African magazines; and Borders, which documents migratory routes throughout Africa.
In 2010 myDetour travelled to Dakar with 25 decorated notebooks in tow, stopping at various locations around the city. Contained within a car rapide - a Senegalese urban minibus – the notebooks were also browseable in an interactive flick-through video installation, which used the experimental open source Arduino technology for physical computing. It supported the creation of a new Media Lab, a meeting point and support center for both African and international artists, encouraging the circulation of ideas and creative experimentation
These projects are made possible through our partnership with lettera27, a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving education and access to knowledge in Africa, and are presented in an interactive installation in a window on Via Santa Radegonda. Push the button to add your splash of colour and watch as the tubes fill with Brilliant Violet, Oxide Green and Magenta, swirling upwards before coming back down again. Then using your smartphone, transport yourself to another world, from paper to pixels.
Thanks to the magic of Augmented Reality technology, you can be transported from the window of laRinascente to Dakar. Scanning one of the photos in the display with the SPAM Magazine app will transport you to an AtWork workshop, a project which grew out of a collection of donated artists' notebooks and explores alternative methods for creating, sharing and participation. 
Journey to the future of Africa and celebrate shared connections through this blend of physical and virtual discovery. 
Full list of events supported by Moleskine during Milano Design Week 2013. 

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