Afrofuturism in Mantua

4_Tuggar_Free-Kick_2009.jpgNigerian-born arist Fatimah Tuggar is among the most prominent guests of the international literary congress Festivaletteratura. As a afro-futurist, she uses technology as both a medium and a subject in her work, to comment on sensitive themes such as ethnicity and post-colonial culture. She will participate into a workshop about "Afrofantasy" - African science fiction and fantasy as an anticipation of future and technology- organized by lettera27, a NGO supported by Moleskine. Other workshops and conferences include "The disenchanted teacher, rethinking education through technology" with Mark Grimes, co-founder of Maker Faire Africa, a travelling fair devoted to Africa's creativity in innovative technology. On September 12th Rasheed Araeen will lecture on "Multiplying perspectives: knowledge from an African point of view", a talk by one of the most active and affirmed postcolonial intellectuals. This event will also host the Wikipedia Italia award ceremony, which this year is devoted to the best African contents published on Wikipedia.

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Moleskine supports the Festival with a customized Moleskine pocket notebook, showing the outlines of Mantua's Palazzo della Ragione and of Saint Andrew's Basilica, to be given to all the authors and the friends of the Festival.

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