Afropixel: Using Evernote notebooks to spread knowledge.

Moleskine Evernote Afropixel
Any designer will tell you that a pixel is the smallest element of a picture; a dot on a page. On its own, a pixel doesn't give much away. But when it joins other pixels it forms a whole, contributes to a mass, and gives meaning to whatever it is it represents. 
This is the idea behind Afropixel, a festival of art, ideas and information taking place in Dakar, Senegal during the Biennial, organised by Kër Thiossane, where the pixels are the artists, computer scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs who converge in this unique part of the world.
At meetings, installations and workshops people gather to discuss how contemporary art can fuse with technology to implement and spread open culture in Africa. Moleskine and non-profit foundation lettera27 are diffusing Evernote notebooks amongst delegates in an effort to share knowledge and drive innovation on a social level. By writing their ideas down in the notebooks and sending them directly to the cloud using Evernote's functionality, the participating artists are instantly sharing their knowledge with everyone, bringing all those pixels together to form a global picture of innovation and information. 
Moleskine Evernote Afropixel  Moleskine Evernote Afropixel
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