18-month planners. When the year begins in July.

Agenda 18 mesi_2011_12_490.jpg For people who work in school or university, for students, for anyone who sees summer vacation as the true turning point in their work schedule, Moleskine 18-month planners are back, now running from July 2011 to December 2012.

Available in hard or soft cover, black or red, all in the weekly format. In the horizontal version, the week is divided across two pages. Also included are an organizer insert and adhesive labels for personalizing the pages. The Weekly Notebook is part notebook, part diary, with the entire week on the left and a page for notes on the right. The hard cover version also includes a removable address book.  

Agende18mesi_235_01.jpg Agende18 mesi_235_02.jpg

Rounded corners, a bookmark, an elastic closure and expandable inside pocket, all 18-month planners have the iconic features of a Moleskine notebook.

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