An archive of 21st century creative thinking, in the making.

Scattered across the pages of The Detour Book are the images of over 250 notebooks decorated, hacked and filled with intimate sketches and drawings by some of the world's most celebrated creative professionals; among them architects, designers, film directors and musicians including Spike Jonze, Sigur Ros, Mary Ellen Mark and Karim Rashid, to name a few.

The notebooks have been on the road around the world since 2006. Leaping from their pages, and the pages of The Detour Book, are the imaginations, memories and identities of the authors. Once blank, they are transformed using padlocks, threads, paint, photography, textiles, ink, graphite and even hair. 



Each work is accompanied by an interpretation from Raffaella Guidobono, Detour curator and editor of the book, plus essays by the likes of opinion leaders such as Lorin H. Stein, editor of The Paris Review, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, art curator and critic and Maurizio Ferraris, Italian philosopher and academic.

All pieces are being donated by their authors to the non-profit foundation lettera27which supports the right to literacy, education, access to knowledge and information in developing countries.  

Cloth-bound in Bodoni style with a silkscreen cardboard cover, familiar round corners and elastic closure, the Detour Book provides an insight into the processes of each author, acting as an archive of 21st century creative thinking, in the making. Browse the notebooks online where they are permanently exhibited at

The Detour Book is being presented on November 16th in Venice during the 13th International Architecture Exhibition. Available on the Moleskine Store.

Detour Exhibition - Tord Boontje from Moleskine on Vimeo.

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