Antwerp changes in size

track490.jpg Folio Books, the new collection of Moleskine available in large and extra-large formats, is the focus of the Track The Moleskine cultural project, involving the creative scene of Antwerp. The Flemish town is undergoing a new wave of cultural change, making it one of the European capital city of innovation in architecture, design, fashion, art, music scene and clubbing.

Two large Moleskine Folio books have been given to 19 creative people from Antwerp, who will pass them around with each other creating a unique collective piece. Everyone can track the books on

track_235_1.jpg track_235_2.jpg track_235_3.jpg track_235_4.jpg

The books will be then sold on a auction whose revenues will go to Centre pour l'Education de Base, promoting literacy in the Antwerp area.

Look at the names and bios of participating authors (in french).

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