Moleskine offers digital ways to increase productivity and creativity

Inspiration comes in many forms. At Moleskine we search for ways to help people increase productivity and creativity, so they have more ease in expressing themselves. Our Apps work seamlessly with paper and digital devices and satisfy a range of needs.


Timepage is an application that helps you organize your time better with an essential design like the legendary Moleskine notebook. The App shows appointments in a continuous timeline and provides useful information about the places you are going, and provides thought provoking almanac facts. It works seamlessly with iPhone and Apple Watch. 

Creative Cloud connected Moleskine app
Creative Cloud connected Moleskine app is designed specifically to capture notebook images accurately and quickly turn them into fully workable vector files. You sketch on paper then capture your drawing with the App. The drawing is now a vector file if you wish to continue working digitally. Also ready to be sent from where ever there is an email connection. So you can work anywhere.

Moleskine Journal
Moleskine Journal App
This App lets you turn your smartphone, ipad or tablet into a digital notebook. Just as you would with a paper notebook, choose the tools and paper layout (plain, squared, lined). Fill these blank pages and share them on Facebook and Twitter. It also easy sync to Evernote and backup to Dropbox. 

Moleskine Photo Books 

Photobooks—send us your photos to be printed onto a Moleskine notebook.
Treaure your photos or prepare a unique and personal gift. When you return home from a trip, or want to create lasting memories.

Hand of Moleskine Books App

Because, in the words of Franco Raggi, "Sometimes it's easier to explain something as a drawing or a sketch." The Hand of the Designer, we offer portable versions of two expansive print editions for use as a reference or inspiration, anywhere you go.
The App is to download a digital version of our published books The Hand of the Architect and The Hand of the Designer. These books are intimate explorations of the creative minds behind famous objects and buildings. Through sketches, color studies, and creative visualizations, we can explore the creative process. Paper becomes weightless but remains just as substantial in content and possibility.


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