Art Plus Collection: Good tools for good art

Good art needs good tools, and with the Art Plus Collection there are 25 specially designed notebooks to choose from. Varying according to paper weight and absorbency as well as dimensions, cover material and paper layout, read on to find the solution to your creative need.
If you're always sketching on the go, try the new lightweight and portable Sketch Album. With 88 detachable pages (72 in pocket size), sketches can be shared and framed easily, while its Squared format makes images Instagram-ready with no cropping needed.
Moleskine Art Plus Collection  Moleskine Art Plus Collection
For dry media, the Sketchbook and Japanese Album paper is most suitable, pigmented directly in the pulp to guarantee colour stability and resistance. If you work with wetter materials, the cotton contained in the cold-pressed Watercolour Album paper ensures absorbency on both sides of the page. And for altogether darker souls, the Black Page Album with its heavy paper weight is made to house collages and photographs.
Moleskine Art Plus Collection
If your profession requires a structure, try the special page layouts. Composers will find the Music notebook filled with staffs ready to fill with musical ideas, whilst video makers and film directors can find the Storyboard notebook filled with frames to plan out. 
But it's not just the pages inside which act as a creative support. The B-sides of the paperband packaging feature useful measures for line weights and angles. 
What is your art form? 
Whether you are a sketcher, videomaker, composer or photographer, post your #M_artcollection creation to myMoleskine. Comment and vote on other artworks, videos, images and designs and take part in the bi-weekly #CreativityChallenge for the chance to win a special Moleskine package of Limited Editions, collectors' items and even more tools for infinite creativity.
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Video Credits
Daniela Lucherini: Art Direction and illustration 
Luca Carrara: Art Direction and editing
Federico Marin: Photography
Giacomo Toffano: Music

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