See the Venice Biennale through 20 different eyes

Art Instameet Venice 2013
When we travel we open ourselves up to unknown possibilities. 
Each of us sees the city through different eyes, lenses, filters, associations. The fleeting events we capture, the people we meet and the paths we follow combine to weave a unique story of our journeys. 
Thousands of artists, curators, events and exhibitions make their way to Venice for the Art Biennale. This year's event begins with Art Instameet, when 20 international bloggers, journalists, photographers and instagramers record the exhibitions, events, people and places in town during the week. 
They are accompanied by an urban toolkit to equip them for these moments. The Cahier notebook to contain sketches, notes and impressions. A small shell to collect mementos picked up along the way. A case to keep the tools used to record experiences by hand, on paper. Finally, the Evernote Smart Notebook serves to connect these real-world experiences to the digital realm. Stored in a Reporter bag, the toolkit becomes an analog cloud of objects and pixels that follows them wherever they go, allowing them to express their own unique points of view.
Art Instameet Venice 2013  Art Instameet Venice 2013  Art Instameet Venice 2013
[Images taken from myDetour Venice]
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Art Instameet
[Left - right, from top: @r2photo,  @gio_pesce,  @gio_pesce,  @ilarysgrill, @magbmag, @fammiunafoto, @gio_pesce, @celestalis, @celestalis]
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