The Author a Month Photo Book

Author a Month
[above: Nerderella]
Tons of sketches, watercolors, landscapes, hacks, imaginations, illustrations and painted covers are uploaded every month to myMoleskine. Now we thank our most active users by printing a special Author a Month Photo Book that celebrates their creativity.
Inside, a total of 14 past Author a Month winners show the inventive ways in which they use Moleskine notebooks to capture a mood, record a scene or experiment with new techniques. Discover the work of Éva Szentgyörgyi, whose 3D painted faces broke the record with over 1,000 likes on our Facebook page in July 2012. Or the intricate landscapes of Vlad Urbakhanov, who lives near Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia. 
Author a Month  Author a Month
[above left: Miriam Ferreira; right: Stuart Ruel]
From paper to digital and back to paper. 
The book has been created using the Moleskine + MILK Print on Demand service, an online portal that allows you to self-publish books and albums of your own images, as well as shareable digital versions. The works that were first penned on the pages of notebooks and went on to be uploaded online have lastly been reprinted in a Photo Book Plus, taking the analog-digital continuum full circle. 
While the content and locations may differ from one author to another, they all have one thing in common; and that's the very deep connection they have with their notebook, which continues to serve as their tool for self-expression wherever they may be.
Author a Month 
[above left: Éva Szentgyörgyi; right: overview]
Thank you to all the Authors for sharing their work with us:
Éva Szentgyörgyi
Miriam Ferreira
Vlad Urbakhanov
Cali Rezo
Alena Kudriashova
Vania Cazzagon
Rebecca Venn
Mariángela Aponte Núñez
Jose Luis Betancourt
Sebastian Karim
Sylvie Belgrand
Stuart Ruel
Ritusko Miyake
Flip through the digital version of the Author a Month Photo Book or create your very own Moleskine Photo Book.

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