Moleskine backpack, now also in a small version

A new video presents the Moleskine backpacks: rectangular shape, adjustable straps, waterproof material, rigid rubber base. Now also available in the Small version.

The video, created by the Combocut studio, plays with the backpacks as if they were musical instruments; the rubber base that is used as a drum keeps the backpack standing upright, protecting it when you put it down as well as making it easier to find things inside.

The Small version fits a laptop up to 10", the larger version up to 15".

Backpack_video_235_01.jpg Backpack_235_05.jpg Backpack_video_235_03.jpg Backpack_video_235_02.jpg

The backpack can be customized with Multipurpose Cases, Shells and, in the larger version, with the Storage Panel, a multipurpose panel that makes the backpack rigid, helps keep your objects neatly organized and makes it easy to move them from one bag to another. The pockets are zipped on the inside, with two more open pockets on the sides for those objects you want to keep handy. Black, inside and out.

Available at the MoleskineStore and in select stores around the world.

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