New Weekender Bags and Classic Bags

One bag will do when...

You have a mobile lifestyle that takes you all over the place, you need to find your stuff quickly and you need to trust your bag completely. Having less time in each location means that you want the packing, unpacking, repacking, and moving to be smooth.
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Organization is key. It's faster to get in and out of the building when you already know where everything goes. You might have less time to pack, relying on your instinctive inner packer to get everything you need into the bag. 
Trusting your bag is important. The sturdy fabric and structured bottom give it two features that are difficult to find in one bag. It's soft so it can be squeezed into tight places and it protects everything you put inside. The structured bottom gives it the ability to rest on the floor next to your seat and it holds its form.
You need to maneuver quickly in and out of lines, seats and buildings. Essential and discreet, your Weekender Bag won't be suspected of being a suitcase. Since being questioned takes time, getting onto a plane, entering a restaurant or a client office without being asked about your bag gives you more mobility.
Moleskine has created four new bags as solutions for your personal travel needs. Personalization that's suited to you. If you like to clip on a reusable water bottle, roll up your newspaper and slide it in a pocket or need expandability for the return trip, these bags have solutions.

Find out more about our bags by visiting the Moleskine Bags Collection page here.

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