Beauty and the Beast Limited Edition Collection

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Just like every fairytale hides a shadow, behind every beautiful idea lies the effort of the creative journey from blank page to realization. This new Limited Edition Notebook Collection celebrates both sides of the story – the beautiful princess and the raw, rough beast that is the process of creation. We all hold elements of both within us, which side will you choose for your notebook?


Two limited edition notebooks make up the collection. One with a delicate white cover featuring a pattern of stylized pink roses, the other with a unique design made to look like the scratch mark of a giant claw revealing an iridescent interior. Inside each of the notebooks customized flyleaves prove that you can't judge a book by its cover – neither the Beauty nor the Beast are entirely what they seem.

Celebrate the the launch of this Limited Edition Collection by joining our Creativity Challenge: draw, sketch, hack your notebook or take a video or photo that represents your beauty or your beast and upload it on myMoleskine with the tag #M_PickYourSide. The winning entry will receive a box of Moleskine tools to enhance your creativity, including a Beauty and the Beast notebook!

The Beauty and the Beast Limited Edition Collection brings a modern twist to this timeworn tale inviting you to pick your side – beauty or beast. But be warned that nothing is entirely as it appears – every beauty hides her beast, and every beast hides the beauty he holds within.

Whichever side you pick, make it quick... For a limited time only, buy a Beauty and the Beast Notebook and receive free shipping on your order.

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Print in MSK format