Bespoke Tool Belts

Moleskine Tool Belt
Makers, DIY-ers and lifehackers: put down your tools and listen up. For our latest #CreativityChallenge we want YOU to personalise, customise and hack your notebook for the chance to win a bespoke Moleskine Tool Belt
We collaborated with London-based pattern and print creator Lu Orcheston-Findlay on a selection of bespoke Tool Belts that imagine all the creative possibilities the Tool Belt can offer. Featuring techniques as broad as screenprinting, cross-stitch and textiles, the customised designs lend a playful tone to the workspace while retaining their function as boosters of creativity and productivity anytime, anywhere.
Moleskine Tool Belt  Moleskine Tool Belt
The Moleskine Tool Belt is a sort of portable workspace that wraps around the cover of your notebook. Little compartments store and keep essential tools like pens, phones, glasses and scissors together with your notebook so that they're always at arm's reach when you need to run to a meeting. It's designed to make life easier and it's meant to be customised – after all, what is work if not play? 
Moleskine Tool Belts  Moleskine Tool Belts
To be in with a chance of winning one of Lu's customised Tool Belts, enter your own hack into this month's #CreativityChallenge. Click here for all details. 
Discover all the different colours of the Tool Belt on the Moleskine Store. 

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