myMoleskine Best of 2015

For the past twelve months, thousands of you have flocked from all across the world on myMoleskine to share a page off your sketchbook, showcase a clever notebook hack or simply look for some inspiration.

In fifty-two weeks, close to five thousand artworks, portraits and photographs have been shared from every corner of the globe, by amateur and accomplished artists alike.

To celebrate your talent and endless dedication, we decided to look back at 12 months' worth of Moleskine art to bring you the cream of last year's crop, the best of the best of myMoleskine in 2015: sit back and feast your eyes on the myMoleskine Best of 2015.
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10 Outstanding Moleskine Portraits
Featuring artworks by: Alen Maslow, Arely Perusquia, Bec Wood, Fuquan Junze, Gita Eprakatiwi, John Brito, Lina Riddle, Toninho Euzebio, Ulysses Jesus III

The Top 10 Handwritten Social Media Posts
Featuring artworks by: Ambra, Anna, Gabi Ronco, Geoff Stupar, Katie McCarthy, Katrina Shirley, Leslie Pineda, Lidia, Marta Bettucci, Nexthursday

10 Vibrant Open Air Sketches
Featuring artworks by: Hugo Costa, Ink & Rust, Josefina Jolly, Katrina Shirley, Lilla Schuch, Lin Chiang, Liyin Yeo, Pietro Cataudella, Toninho Euzebio, Tudor Adina
Hugo Costa

The Most Voted Artworks
Featuring artworks by: Emanuele Giola, Francesca DH, Humaira Tasheem, Jessica Orozco, Kathrin Jebsen, K Wiszu, Marta Kostrzewa, Michal Giszinski, Natalia Dar, Paloma Nuncano
emanuele giola
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