2011 Art Biennial: Seeing with Eyes Closed

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The installation-experiment is called Seeing with Eyes Closed and is the work of Croatian artist Ivana Franke, in collaboration with neuroscientist, Ida Momennejad. The theme is one of "mental imagery" and the creative hallucinations caused by an exhibition, with eyes closed, in front of light beams shifting between 10 and 50 Hz. Different artists will be asked to transfer their instinctive visions onto paper. These include Olafur Eliasson, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, the Indian trio, Raqs Media Collective, and scientists Vittorio Gallese, Semir Zeki and Moran Cerf. The installation, with the related symposium curated by Elena Agudio, falls within the theme of the 54th Art Biennial in Venice, this year entitled, Illumi-nations.  
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Participants will be given a Moleskine notebook to use to express their imagination following the stroboscopic experience. The exhibition lasts approximately 6 minutes. The notebooks will then be donated to the non-profit organization Lettera27 for a new project supporting the right to education.

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