The Big Draw, The Big Splash: London.

BigDraw_UK_490.jpg The Big Draw, the international drawing festival involving 20 countries around the globe, starts with a Big Splash . People will be drawing in the parks, art galleries, subway stations, museums, roads, and schools of London, the city where the festival began.

Professionals, students, and simple passers-by can participate in a series of exhibits, workshops, drawing sessions, and live performances. Projects also include a Futurist Octopus Garden which will be recreated in the Warr Pavilion with yellow submarine.

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The great British illustrator Quentin Blake will open the festival by turning the Kings Cross area into a fabulous outdoor art studio, with white posters waiting to be filled and sketchbooks for drawing. He will be joined by other illustrators and cartoonists such as Hervè Tullet, Marion Deuchars, Sarah Bridgland, Karrie Fransman, Joe Berger and Bryan Talbot, old and young, and professional and amateur artists, all involved in the "big draw".

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Moleskine contributes with two special editions: a sketchbook and a volant notebook with silk-screened covers and customized band. Available all around town, they will be filled, page after page, with drawings, portraits, stories, and characters.

The Big Draw is open to the public from October 1 to 31, 2011. To see the complete program, click here.

The Big Draw
Opening - September 25
Events - October 1 - 31

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