Out of the black, into the light

Shed new light on your everyday creativity with the Black Page Album. The all-black album, with black pages, black cover and black elastic closure, provides a starkly contrasting base for your notes, memories and photographs.
Black Page Album  Black Page Album
Available in landscape and the accordion-like Japanese formats, pop it in your backpack and hit the road as you discover your environment. Modern skyscrapers, monuments, green spaces: map your city and record your favorite places. Use it as a backdrop for your photos or give your sketches life with the Highlighter Pencil Set. At 200gsm, the slightly thicker paper stands up to clippings, photos and collages. 
Black Page Album  Black Page Album
Our free MSK template turns a page in the album into a frame: just download, print and cut out your favourite shape. Icons to use as templates or stickers are also included.
Black Page Album Template  Black Page Album Template
Bring your creativity out of the black . See how other people use the Black Page Album in the video below.
Available now on the Moleskine Store.

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