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Notebooks are places in which we weave something of ourselves onto the ivory pages – the notes we take embody our ideas and plans, memories and dreams. The textured notebooks in the Blend Collection are bound in fabric with a rich, intricate mesh, as if to express the twists and turns of our thoughts contained in between the covers.


The fishbone patterned covers of the notebooks in the Blend Collection are woven on Jacquard looms in a family run textile manufacturing company in the north of Italy – more than simply the mechanical process of interlacing colored yarn the fabric reminds us that weaving is a timeworn tradition and invites us to reflect on the value of remembering the past. Like the memories we create and keep safe in our notebooks.


Both eye-catching and pleasing to the touch, the fabric of the Blend Collection is strong and stretchy and is now available in four new colors: Black, Red, Green and Blue.

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