Blue Note Records, enduring innovation in music and style

In celebration of Blue Note Records 75th Anniversary, Moleskine takes the notebook back to the innovative Hard Bop Jazz Era with Limited Edition Notebook Collection featuring legendary American Jazz Musicians.  Looking at the faces of Dexter Gordon, Art Blakey, Freddie Hubbard, Kenny Burrell and Thelonious Monk, you can almost feel the syncopated beats as if you're walking the New York City streets.

Below, watch the video created by French director, Bastien Dubois, exploring the strong visual and musical style of Blue Note Records and the Moleskine legacy of encouraging creativity and productivity, with original jazz music by Jean Baptiste Berger.

Each cover mimics the distinctive graphic style Blue Note has honed over 75 years of music production. Looking at any album or poster from the archives and it is unmistakable—minimalist design, bold colors, strong lines and evocative portraits.


Working in partnership with Blue Note Records, the notebooks are created with fascinating music reviews, photographs printed on the inside cover, and a history of the record company, as well as characteristic Moleskine notebook features like ivory-colored pages, an elastic closure and inside back pocket.

The Blue Note Records Limited Edition Collection is available through Moleskine Online Store and at stores worldwide. The Dexter Gordon Limited Edition is available only through the Moleskine Online Store and at Moleskine Retail Stores.

Blue Note Records has produced jazz music since 1939. Since its founding, the label has been connected to nearly all important jazz musicians. It continues this dedication today as it celebrates 75 years in the business.

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