Bookworm and the literary festival

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Moleskine is participating in the Bookworm International Literary Festival, one of the most important literary events in China, a meeting point for authors, writers, intellectuals, artists and journalists from around the world.

The scheduled events for this 6th year of the festival include an exhibit of illustrated and decorated notebooks selected from the myDetour archive, a seminar entitled Diaries and Memoir presented by English author, poet and musician Tim Clare -in collaboration with Moleskine- and a special edition dedicated to the festival: a notebook with a silk-screened band and cover, complimentary for guests, a work tool to jot down thoughts and words during the various workshops.

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Bookworm, which hosts the festival in Beijing, Suzhou and Chengdu, is a bookstore, library and café, but above all it is a meeting place, a center for the exchange of ideas on all things that pertain to China, its history, its artists and the rest of the world.

The most highly anticipated Chinese authors include journalist Xu Zhu Yuan, a travel expert, and writer Yu Hua, with his latest novel, China In Ten Words; the festival also features young, promising talent such as writer Di An.

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Bookworm Literary Festival
Beijing, Suzhou and Chengdu
March 9-23

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