Notebooks in Antarctica

A hundred years after the first conquest of the South Pole, four young explorers are embarking on a new mission. Their goal is to reach the farthest point in Antarctica in only 60 days. The journey reaches different altitudes, amid glaciers, mountain chains and floating docks, crossing approximately 1100 miles. Average calculated temperature  - 48°C.

Anna Wakefield, Claire Maritt, Alex Toseland and Duncan Cameron are the young explorers undertaking this endeavor. Moleskine is supporting them by providing books for taking expedition notes, a personalized pocket version tested below zero.

Antartica_235_01.jpg Antartica_235_02.jpg

The expedition pays tribute to the first explorers who succeeded in this feat, Norwegian Roald Amundsen and Englishman Robert Falcon Scott. More information on the British Antarctic Expedition is available here  

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