Bruce Chatwin's unpublished letters

Three days filled with stories, images, readings, encounters, exhibitions, film projections on the theme of travels. On its ninth year, the "Chatwin Prize - walking around the world" returns to commemorate Bruce Chatwin, the English novelist and travel writer who has become a symbol for those who see the voyage as a means of exploration and discovery. Created to promote and encourage cultural exchange among people of different countries, to make social initiatives and to support human projects, the festival includes an open competition for the best video, the best fiction and the best photography travel reportages.

Since its first edition, Moleskine supports the festival with a customized notebook, featuring an anthology of the works of winning writers from the different sections of the competition, and a selection of stories among those of other participants.

This year's special program includes the reading of some unpublished and very private letters of Bruce Chatwin written from 1948 to 1989 range from those sent from school to his parents, to those dictated on his deathbed. Those are an Italian preview of "Under the sun" a book edited by his wife Elizabeth Chatwin and the author of his biography Nicholas Shakespeare. 

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"Chatwin Prize - walking around the world"
18-20 November
Genoa, Italy

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