Bulgari: Elegance and Simplicity in a Moleskine notebook

Moleskine Bulgari
How does a brand like Bulgari ensure that its refined aesthetic runs through in every single detail? A Custom Edition Moleskine notebook tells the story at the heart of the company's vision. 
A unique collection of 20 original sketches by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners for Bulgari is brought to the ivory-coloured pages of the little black rectangle, bringing to light the creative process and design details behind the brand. 
With the hand of the creative at the fore, the notebooks tells the story of the newly opened Bulgari Hotels & Residences in London. From its minimal façade to the luxurious staircase via vases, lighting, curtains and carpets, the sketches show how the brand's signature aesthetics are applied to architecture and design. 
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