Canzoni Invisibili: An audio-visual hybrid

A vinyl as a notebook, a notebook as a vinyl. Music, texts, illustrations and graphics come together, created by 20 different artists from around the world who specialize in practices as diverse as dance, film, electronic music, jazz, song-writing, poetry, illustration and visual art.

A Moleskine notebook, a 7" vinyl and an online repository form Canzoni Invisibili/Invisible Songs; a wide-reaching project conceived by Alessandro Cremonesi (La Crus) and Lagash (Marlene Kuntz) to celebrate the Italian writer Italo Calvino. 10 novels have been reimagined, taking his interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to heart through free interpretations and responses.
Canzoni Invisibili  Canzoni Invisibili
Music by Ellen Allien, Jeet Thayil, Lagash and Cremonesi is contained in a record held within the cover of the notebook - listen to the teaser track embedded above. With a special gold silkscreen and custom cut cover, the notebook becomes a record holder. Inside lie 60 pages filled with poems, illustrations, texts and artworks by illustrator Tamara Ferioli, artist Masbedo and ambient curator The Sight Below to name a few. All of them are brought together through the beautiful graphic direction of Thomas Gangnet. Thus the original ideas and interpretations of some of the most exciting creative minds active today are contained in audio and visual form. 
Canzoni Invisibili  Canzoni Invisibili  Canzoni Invisibili
[Left - Right: Ellen Allien | Masbedo | Lullatone]
Blank space is purposefully left among the pages for the continuation of free interpretations to facilitate an on-going creative dialogue that can then be submitted through the online portal. An open project, the online space acts as a construction site of ideas, interpretations and possible collaborations.
Canzoni Invisibili  Canzoni Invisibili  Canzoni Invisibili
[Left - Right:  Mari Kvien Brunvoll | Dodo Nkishi | Erna Omarsdottir]
Eroding traditional hierarchies of artistic practice, Canzoni Invisibili strives towards the creation of new hybrid artistic formations that live beyond the constraints of analog, digital, audio and visual. 
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To learn more about Italo Calvino, check out our Pinterest gallery of his tales-turned-tweets and drawings on Moleskine notebooks from a project last year.
Full list of artists:
ERNA OMARSDOTTIR: Dancer and Choreographer, Reykjavik - Iceland
ELLEN ALLIEN: DJ, Musician and Label Manager, Berlin – Germany
JEET THAYIL: Poet, Novelist and Musician, New Delhi - India
MASBEDO: Video Artist, Milan - Italy
FRAN HEALY: Musician, Glasgow - Scotland
SILVIO MORAIS D'AMICO: Composer, Rio De Janeiro - Brazil
CLAUDIO SINATTI: Video Live Performer, Milan - Italy
LULLATONE: Pajama-pop Band, Nagoya - Japan
EUGENIO FINARDI: Songwriter and Singer, Milan - Italy
MARI KVIEN BRUNVOLL: Jazz vocals and Electronic, Molde - Norway
GIUSEPPE PICCIONI: Director, Rome - Italy
DODO NKISHI: Musician and Singer, Berlin - Germany
LEONARDO COLOMBATI: Writer, Rome - Italy
ERNA PACHULKE: Composer, Berlin - Germany
AD BOURKE: Electronic Musician, Rome - Italy
THE SIGHT BELOW: Ambient Artist & Curator, Seattle - USA
MARGOT SIKABONYI: Actress, Rome- Italy
TAMARA FERIOLI: Visual Artist, Milan - Italy
DRAFTSMEN'S CONGRESS: 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, Berlin - Germany
ARIANNA VAIRO: Illustrator, Milan- Italy
THOMAS GANGNET: Graphic Concept, Paris – France
LAGASH: Musician and Producer, Milan – Italy

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