Cat Journal

After dogs, Moleskine turns its attention to cats. To organize and remember the most important moments in your cat's life, Moleskine introduces the Cat Journal. The notebook begins with information on different breeds, followed by a graphic legend explaining a cat's mood based on the position and movement of its tail.    

There are 4 subject sections that can be filled out to keep track of every detail: getting ready, personality, cat log, health. Inside there are pages and space to record behavior and habits, useful addresses, notes on vaccinations, diet, character, memorable moments and everything you need to create a complete outline of your feline friend. At the end there are also 4 sections with tabs you can personalize containing pages for drawings, photos and notes. The double side pocket holds three pages of colored labels in blue, gray and white.  

The Cat Journal is part of the Moleskine Passions collection ( Recipes, Wine, Books, Film, Music, Wellness, Baby, Style, Gardening, Travel, Dogs), a series of notebooks dedicated to the passions of life.

Print in MSK format