20 years of Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston
"When I set up Cath Kidston in a small shop in Holland Park in 1993 I had no idea what a journey the company would take me on."
Starting out from a small curtain shop in a sleepy suburb of London, Cath Kidston has become a British design classic of international renown. Evoking quintessential scenes like the English garden, tea time, street parties and picnics, the brand's playful patterns brighten up everyday journeys. Marking the company's 20th birthday is a custom-made Moleskine notebook, which accompanies a variety of other tools for daily life as part of a special limited edition range.
Cath Kidston  Cath Kidston
Classic design with a modern twist applied to essential tools for contemporary living. In the same dark red tone that characterizes the Cath Kidston style, the hard cover is debossed with the company's logo. The paperband around it is printed with a quote from Cath Kidston herself. Once the elastic band is released and the notebook is opened, the distinctive "antique rose" print jumps out from the flyleaves.
Documenting and sharing our lives is done on a much larger scale now than 20 years ago, when Cath Kidston first came into being. Yet more than ever we rely on analog objects to help us record our experiences and express our personalities in the digital realm. The birthday range by Cath Kidston celebrates their twenty-year journey through these essential everyday companions. 
Buy the Moleskine Cath Kidston Custom Edition notebook on http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/.

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