Celebrating Keith Haring with a Special Edition Collection

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Keith Haring was a ground breaking artist of the 1980s who tapped in to the communicative power of street art, using its tools to eclipse the barriers between "high" and "low" art. Today, Moleskine celebrates this iconic artist with a new Special Edition Collection.

In the spirit of the "Pop Shops" which Haring opened to make his art accessible to anyone, from rich collectors to "kids from the Bronx", this Special Edition Notebook Collection reminds us that art is for everybody. Each of the four notebooks in the collection features a different artwork on the cover as well as customized front and end pages with a stylized pattern of people, animals and symbols also taken from one of the artist's famous works.

Borrowing the bold lines, symbolic language and bright saturated colors from graffiti and cartoons, Haring kept his imagery accessible so viewers of all kinds could enjoy themselves and engage with the themes and topics. It is with this essence that Moleskine welcomes Keith Haring to its legendary notebook, as an inspiration for everyone to use the blank spaces inside to express their hopes, fears and dreams. Art is not something remote and untouchable, but something you can carry with you everywhere.

Celebrate Keith Haring by participating in our Creativity Challenge! Download the Keith Haring template from our template section on MyMoleskine, print it and express yourself. If you already have one of our Keith Haring themed notebooks you can also use the B-side to unleash your creativity. Click here to join in!

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