Celebrating Urban Design on a Japanese Album

publicdesign490.jpgMoleskine partners with the Public Design Festival with a special edition Large Japanese Album celebrating public space and urban design.

The Moleskine Album, with its typical accordion pages, will be distributed to designers participating to the Festival. They will use it to document their stay in Milano during the Public Design Festival, with sketches and paintings. A collection of these works will be then presented on moleskine.com.

The Moleskine brand was born in 1997 inspired by the legendary notebook used by avant-garde artists and thinkers over the past two centuries, who shunning academia needed agile platforms for free creativity while in the streets, in cafés or travelling. Around the world many artists and illustrators use Moleskine notebooks to sketch from life in the public space.

The Moleskine Japanese album large offers a unique notebook design influenced by the traditional Japanese horizontal emakimono scrolls. Perfect for drawings, collages, and sequences, this book contains one sheet of heavy-weight sketch paper that is folded into 48 accordion pages.

The Public Design Festival is in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, from April 13th to April 18th 2010.



Print in MSK format