Moleskine Chapters Journals: for modern multi-taskers


Moleskine Chapters Journals  Moleskine Chapters Journals
Sometimes you can't help what pops into your head, nor when it chooses to. Ideas often come at the most inconvenient of times. That's why the fresh new formats of Moleskine Chapters Journals help modern multi-taskers stay organised anytime, anywhere.
Divided into chapters, the journals keep your daily lists, notes and ideas organized in style. Choose a size with different page layouts – ruled or dotted, detachable pages and checklists to keep track of your various tasks. The rich textured cover, available in 4 different colors and slim new size will fit perfectly in your hand, flexing to its curve. Tuck it into your pocket and whip it out as soon as that train of thought comes rushing in. 
Moleskine Chapters Journals  Moleskine Chapters Journals  Moleskine Chapters Journals
Print out content from any URL in Chapters dimensions with our unique web tool, MSK2. It makes pasting pages into your notebook much simpler and saves you from crumpling your notes.  Flicking through it on the way home is like a sort of pleasant, tabbed browsing experience in your very hands, seeing your scattered thoughts safely preserved and organized into sections, for the various chapters in your life.
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