Cinelli and Moleskine ride together with Hobo

Moleskine Bootleg Hobo Cinelli
Back in early 20th century America, during the hard times of the great depression, vagabonds known as the hobos took to the rails to survive. Just as they once rode the freights, the hobo spirit lives on in the modern traveller who rides their bike in search of unknown possibilities. Now, Moleskine comes together with Italian bicycle maker Cinelli to help today's Hobo cyclists capture their inner travelogues.
Take in the rushing of the wind, hit the road quick and record your thoughts and impressions as you pedal. Debossed on the notebook cover are Hobo icons, used to communicate with other travellers and signal water, shelter or danger. Inside, a selection of cards and pamphlets present the Hobo Biker code and rules, delve into the history of Hobo culture and list the specs of the bicycle itself. Play with the Hobo icons by leaving coded messages on the way using the stickers included.
Moleskine Bootleg Hobo Cinelli  Moleskine Bootleg Hobo Cinelli
Share your travelogue, discoveries and experiences online as well using both #bootleghobo and #moleskine on Twitter and Instagram. The images of the people and places you encounter, as well as the sketches, notes, codes and maps on the pages of your notebook, are sure to provide other travellers with inspiration for their own trips. 
The Moleskine Cinelli notebook comes with every Hobo bicycle and is also available to buy separately on the Moleskine Store
Rest of the world: Coming soon.
For further information on the Hobo bike visit the Bootleg Hobo website.
Win a Moleskine Cinelli notebook
Calling all Bikers:
Now's your chance to win a custom-made Moleskine Cinelli notebook. Share your bicycle experience with us: photograph your ride, send us a bicycle selfie, or show us some writing or sketches from your last trip. Upload your entry to myMoleskine with the tag #bootleghobo and if yours receives the most votes a notebook could be riding your way soon!

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