Click pens and pencils

A new video presents the latest additions to the 2012 Writing collection: a click pen and pencil and an accessories set which includes a sharpener and a special Moleskine eraser.

Joining the classic Roller Pen is a new model:  the Click Roller Pen. Classic Moleskine design, rectangular and black, it attaches to the notebook with a special clip. Fine or medium tip, refillable with gel ink in black, blue, red, green, purple and brown. The colored stickers can be used to customize and personalize the pen. Designer: Giulio Iacchetti.

Click pen and pencil_235_03.jpg Click pen and pencil_235_04.jpg
Click pen and pencil_235_08.jpg Click pen and pencil_235_07.jpg

Same design for the Click Pencil, with a medium 0.7 mm tip, refillable with HB lead. It pairs with the Moleskine eraser. The eraser is black, rectangular and designed to fit in the Pen Holder which attaches to the notebook and holds up to three implements from the Writing collection.

Click pen and pencil_235_01.jpg Click pen and pencil_235_02.jpg

Available at the Moleskine Store and in select stores around the world.

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