The Coca-Cola bottle arrives onto the legendary notebook cover

This year Moleskine joins artists, illustrators and designers around the world to celebrate a pop culture icon, the Coca-Cola glass bottle, with a Limited Edition Notebook Collection. The covers have original artwork interpreting the visual imagery of the vintage contour bottle.

Below, watch this video by Tilman Singer. He explores the connection between paper and glass through animation.

Moleskine invited international artists from the Coca-Cola "Mash-Up" project to use the notebook cover as their canvas. The resulting notebook covers recreate and reimagine the Coca-Cola bottle, marrying the past and future, all using the simplicity of black, Coca-Cola Red, and white.

Designed by Tom Farrell, David Schwen, Matt Allen, Chris Weston (forpeople design), Hitomi Watanabe and Iku Oyamada (HI(NY) design) and a team from Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Paris. The other covers feature energetic illustrations of the contour bottle, each very personal and demonstrative of a unique contemporary perspective.
Tom Farrell's notebook design which is customized right up to the elastic band, began as a separate project between Coca-Cola and Moleskine and is now available as part of the Coca-Cola Limited Edition Collection. Along with an iconic Coke bottle, the cover features the elastic closure customized with diagonally stripping in red and white to mimick a straw. It's positioned to look as if it is inside of the bottle. 

Get the Moleskine Coca-Cola Limited Edition Notebooks through the Moleskine Store online or at select Moleskine stores worldwide. 


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