Behind the scenes of a Moleskine video shoot

Stop-motion animation, intricate paper cut-outs and painstaking handiwork. Minutes, hours and days spent crouching on a studio floor, shifting lights, props and even cats while the cameras roll.  It's amazing how many videos are created every year around Moleskine. Flip books, false perspectives, hacks, hundreds of stories that develop in our notebooks, page after page. Videos created by us are only a small part of this, and you can see how some of them were created in the Making Of videos below.

Rogier Wieland's video presenting the new colours of the 2013 Moleskine Planners was a hit on the internet last year, and his Making Of video shows just how much dedication the team put in to creating this story. 

Rogier was also responsible for the Moleskine Extra Small Planners video in 2011, which gained him a place as a finalist of the Dutch Design Awards that year. The behind the scenes video provides a glimpse into the filmmaking process, during which Rogier created 533 animated pages and 25 frames for just 1 second of animation. The man has the patience of a saint.

Our Writing, Travelling and Reading Collection was introduced in a whimsical tale, told by Virgilio Villoresi using false perspective and trompe l'oeil effects to create an illusion where the real and the imagined worlds collide on screen. The tricks are revealed in the Making Of video.

For further inspiration, watch the video of an animation workshop in Tokyo which was held as part of the Moleskine myDetour travelling project. 

Watch the Making Of videos here.

More Making Of videos coming soon. Stay tuned.

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