Cahier XL with coloring cover by Carlo Stanga

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Take a deep breath, pick up a pen or pencil and color in the blanks to turn your Cahier XL into something beautiful. The Cahier XL is now also available with a coloring cover, with illustrations by Italian architect, illustrator and storyteller Carlo Stanga.


Moleskine fans will recognize Carlo Stanga's distinctive style from the I am the City book series, which includes the illustrated alternative guidebooks to Milan and London as well as the coloring book The Wandering City. The coloring cover is available on Cahier XLs with a ruled layout and comes in a set of two, each cover featuring different graphic designs. 

For the less audacious, the paper band provides a color scheme suggestion. But the fearless are invited to awaken their inner child and give themselves a few moments of thoughtless creative abandon.

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