The Unexpected Lives of Coloured Booklights

Coloured Booklights
Clinging on to a good book (a laptop lid some nights a week) or lost in the depths of a bag, Moleskine Coloured Booklights are always getting themselves into awkward situations. Over the next few weeks you can get to know the colourful new arrivals in a series of comic strips. 
Coloured Booklights  Coloured Booklights
The booklights' natural home is a book cover, since when their lights are turned on they illuminate the page. When the lights are off, they turn into handy bookmarks. And when they're drained of energy they can be brought back to life via a USB connection. Their bendy bodies match their somewhat wonky personalities; safe to say they lead colourful lives indeed, which you will discover through the comic strip series. In the meantime, a rundown of who's who… 
There's Frank, a businessman with a cynical view on everything. The original booklight.
Adam, a nerdy creative type who can get weird at times.
Lee, the eco warrior. He's the green one, of course.
Horace: a shy thing who's a bit afraid of the world. But what he lacks in self-confidence he makes up for with genius inventions.
Lizzie the fashion addict, who lives a (mostly) carefree life. Top to toe in pink.
And last but certainly not least, Deborah. The no-nonsense independent woman: few  things are impossible for her.
We'll be telling you more of their story over the next few weeks. Discover what the booklight gang are getting up to here.

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Credits: Sara Pitta

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