Create with Colour

Coloured Notebooks
With a big splash and a loud crash, Moleskine Coloured Notebooks arrive into the fold. For the first time the hard cover, until now only available in classic black or red, welcomes four new colours: Oxide Green, Orange Yellow, Brilliant Violet and Magenta.
Colour has the power to change the way we feel, so pick a shade to match a specific mood or purpose. Whether you are in need of stimulation, relaxation or engagement, the rich palette of the new colour collection will brighten up any task.
Oxide Green Moleskine Coloured Notebook  Orange Yellow Moleskine Coloured Notebook  Brilliant Violet Moleskine Coloured Notebook  Magenta Moleskine Coloured Notebook
Add accents and highlights to your creative toolset to make them stand out: the new Coloured Notebooks complement the classic black rectangles that continue to accompany us wherever we go. Express yourself, mix and match and capture the spirit of creativity.
Available on the Moleskine Store.

Print in MSK format