Configure your colours and contents

Our bag organizers, pouches, cases, shells and notebooks come in five new shades this Spring, with Oxide Green, Orange Yellow, Brilliant Violet, Cadmium Orange and Magenta joining classic Black
Packing your bag for the day ahead is turned into a game in our new video. Just like a slot machine in an arcade, pressing the button spits out many different combinations to choose from. Back in the real world, getting organized is easy if you keep a few simple tips in mind. With a bit of colour and the right configuration of tools, your tidy bag will lead to a tidy mind.
Black and Colour  Black and Colour
Sort your thoughts and objects into themes, functions and moods. Organize the contents of your bag by grouping together keys, headphones and cables into separate pouches or shells and equip yourself for the day ahead. Colour-coding will help you find your things quickly and efficiently. Try a bag organizer, designed to slot into your bag to maximize space in a rummage-proof fashion. It comes in a variety of sizes and shades, with a new docking system and handy Velcro lining for easy transfer. 
Black and Colour  Black and Colour  Black and Colour
Coordinate your colours and containers. Designed to complement each other visually and functionally, the pens clip onto the sides of notebooks; pouches have a strap which can be attached to the bag; shells include a hole through which you can feed your headphones or charger. The whole family features the same iconic shape of the notebook: rectangular form, rounded corners, portability, containers for space and ideas. The elastic band even appears as a closing mechanism on some bags and cases, keeping your belongings protected.
Black and Colour  Black and Colour  Black and Colour
It all comes down to self-expression. We define ourselves by the cloud of analog and digital objects that we carry with us wherever we go, so it's important to choose the right configuration of colour and contents. The video above shows just some of the playful mix-and-matching that can be achieved with our new range.
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Video credits
producer & creative director: Daniela Fuggetta 
director animator: Michele Putortì
compositing: C999
music: William Skeaping

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