Contrast Collection

A striking new collection of notebooks

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A new collection of notebooks in contrasting colors to match the contrasting perspectives and personalities that define who we are. For the first time ever in a Moleskine notebook collection, covers, flyleaves, elastic bands and bookmarks are mixed together in colorful combinations. 


A cover in Citron Yellow is matched with a contrasting Aster Grey elastic band and Plum Purple flyleaf. A Seaweed Green cover with a Citron Yellow elastic band. A Plum Purple cover with a contrasting Seaweed Green elastic band and Citron Yellow flyleaf.

Contrast is both fascinating and paradoxical and our left and right brains with their contrasting perspectives define our personalities. We all calibrate and prioritize right-side passion and left-side practicality differently when it comes to organizing our lives, a difference that emphasizes our uniqueness as individuals.

Embrace your contrast with a notebook from this collection. The notebooks come in large and pocket with ruled layouts.

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