Cortona On the Move. Stories of photographers and photographs on the move.

Moleskine on the Move_490.jpg              A photo by Antonin Kratochvil printed in the Moleskine notebook dedicated to the Festival

Travel in all its expressions. This is the opening theme for the first edition of Cortona On the Move, expected to be one of the most important international events dedicated to the world of photography, in collaboration with National Geographic. Through September 4, this small Umbrian town will become an exhibition space and a meeting place for professionals, enthusiasts and travellers. Cortona has hosted photography events, workshops and professional seminars in the past. This year the town decided to take the next step and host an actual festival open to the public at large.

Cortona On the Move shares stories of photographers and photographs on the move. Work by great photographers from the international scene are on exhibit, including David Alan Harvey (Off for a family drive), Alex Majoli (Hotel Marinum) and Antonin Kratochvil (Galapagos), alongside up-and-coming artists such as Gabriele Galimberti (Couchsurfing) and Flora Marillon (Isthmus).

Moleskine is participating with a special edition of its classic pocket notebook with the high-contrast festival logo silk-screened on the cover. It will be handed out to special guests and main participants of various workshops. The back of the personalized band displays an image by photographer Antonin Kratochvil.

Cortona On the Move was created out of a meeting between the On the Move Association and Carlo Roberti, founder and director of Toscana Photographic Workshop. For a detailed program click here.





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