Cover Art Journals. New artists, new covers.

Cover_Art_Journal_II_490.jpg Original drawing by Paul Wang selected for the Cover Art Collection

Ricardo Cabral, a Portuguese illustrator specializing in comics and graphic design, and Paul Wang, an artist from Singapore. These artists have been selected by Moleskine for the two latest additions to the Cover Art collection, high quality journals that celebrate the creativity of the myMoleskine community. 

Created in April 2009, the myMoleskine gallery contains thousands of images and drawings originally created on Moleskine pages, then scanned and uploaded directly by users. Moleskine selects images from here for the covers of the collection. 

Cover_Art_Journal_II_235_02.jpg Cover_Art_Journal_II_235_01.jpg
A few images from the myMoleskine gallery

Ricardo Cabral offers a view of the Port of Barcelona, and Paul Wang creates details from market stalls in Hong Kong using watercolor and ink. Ricardo and Paul join Benjamin Barrios, Paul Desmond and Maykel Cordeiro Nunes, the first artists in the Cover Art collection.

Cover_Art_Journal_II_235_03.jpg Cover_Art_Journal_II_235_09.jpg
Ricardo Cabral - Illustrator
Cover_Art_Journal_II_235_04.jpg Cover_Art_Journal_II_235_10.jpg 
     Paul Wang - Urban Sketcher

With Singer-stitched binding, the journals are available in sets of two (with the same design reproduced in two different color schemes) and in three formats, rules, squared and plain. Each journal contains a biography of the artist. For each image used, Moleskine makes a donation to a non-profit organization chosen by the artist.

Cover_Art_Journal_II_235_12.jpg Cover_art_Journal_II_235_08.jpg

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