Moleskine Bags, experiments inside and out

Custom made bags_490.jpg "Jokers" Messenger Bag, free interpretation by artist Stella Sbilenca
Moleskine Bags can be personalized, inside and out. With its shape and size, the Messenger Bag is particularly inspiring, beckoning to be filled like an artist's canvas. Abstract patterns, modern graphics, portraits, sewn stories, pieces of fabric, black & white and color effects. There are no rules, just a playful use of contrast with the black on the outside and the ivory on the inside. Just like with the notebooks. Same colors, same mood, same creative spirit.

Custom made bags_235_01.jpg Custom made bags_235_02.jpg  
                       John Garcia                                                                Ray Masak

Custom made bags_235_08.jpg Custom made bags_235_07.jpg
                       Ciara Gay                                                                   Stella Sbilenca

The first examples include bags by illustrator Stella Sbilenca and several students from the Parsons School of Design in New York. Images can be found on our Flickr page.

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