Celebrating digital graphics

Graphic art challenges in 2D and 3D. Two graphic artists meet on stage, tablet and mouse at the ready. A theme is assigned and they are put to the test in real time. Below the stage, the audience watches their performance. The winner is determined by a jury based on speed, precision and inventiveness. The tournament is single-elimination. Each city has its winner.

Cut and Paste 235 07.jpg Cut and Paste 235 09.jpg
This is Cut&Paste, the Photoshop graphic designer festival, a touring event which started in New York in 2005 to create visibility and increase relationships between designers. Cities on the tour include Berlin, Helsinki, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Tel Aviv. More information can be found here

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Moleskine, which has always worked with artists and creative professionals from the graphics world, is participating by customizing a Sketchbook, as a gift and work tool for the competing graphic artists.

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