Deliver the Photo Book through your own film

Just in time for the holidays, a unique interactive experience for both sender and receiver. Give someone a Photo Book by making a film for them.

With the customizable stop-motion animation, fill in the blank spaces with your message and photos, choose a book, then email your creation to the recipient.

The analog/digital cycle comes round again: the perfect angle, the click of the shutter, the whirr of the film. The journey of the photo into the cloud. The creation of titles, descriptions, captions. Then, it all comes back to paper in the Photo Books. The animated gift voucher lets you be part of this process for the first time. 

The Photo Books retain the quality features of the Moleskine notebooks: rounded corners, elastic closure, lie-flat stitched binding. Order by December 10th to make the Christmas shipping deadline. 
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Print in MSK format