Moleskine in a bottle at Moscow Design Week.

Moscow_Design_Week_490.jpgA new installation entitled Spirit In a Bottle presents the new Writing, Travelling and Reading collections at Moscow Design Week: bags, glasses, laptop cases, booklights, pens and pencils are displayed inside special creations handcrafted by master glass blower, Massimo Lunardon. The installation is inspired by the show's location, Winzavod, an old industrial cellar with barrel vaults that has been transformed into the city's most important contemporary art center.

Moscow_Design_Week_235_02.jpg Moscow_Design_Week_235_01.jpg

In the background there is a wall of video installations, short films, stop-motion animation, fragments of Moleskine creativity. All around there are reading and writing corners, with notebooks filled with blank pages and design books to write, read and travel with your thoughts. The public will be invited to answer three questions: "Is handwriting still important to you?", "What three items should you always take on a trip?", "Analog and digital writing, when do you use each?"

In the same location, from October 13 to 16, " What's in Your Bag?" is a photographic display where visitors can arrange the contents of their bags, photograph them and share them on the Internet. A sort of self-portrait through the objects that define us. Others kinds of physical and website interaction will be going on at the same time.

People of Design, a series of meetings on design topics, is also scheduled. Participating for Moleskine are Maria Sebregondi, one of the creators of original Moleskine concept, and Giulio Iacchetti, designer of the new collections.

The complete program for Moscow Design Week can be found here.

Exhibition Design: Giulio Iacchetti in cooperation with Vittorio Venezia for Interni Mutant Architecture&Design
Graphic Design:
October 11-16
Winzavod, Centre for Contemporary Art

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